What To Expect During A Consultation With Muenz Law Office

For many people, a criminal offence is their first encounter with the justice system. My name is Rick Muenz, and I am have been practicing law as a criminal defence lawyer for over 25 years in Calgary, Alberta.

During a consultation with my firm, Muenz Law Office, I will help you understand:

  • The charges brought against you
  • How the law applies to your situation
  • The defence strategies available to support your position

Step 1: An Introduction

We will begin with an introduction about my experience as a criminal defence lawyer. I will share my knowledge of how criminal cases work, what types of information is necessary to gather, and the types of solutions I have provided for clients such as acquittals, charge withdrawals or less severe sentencing. I want to feel comfortable that your case is in solid, capable hands.

Step 2: Tell Me Your Story

I understand how important it is to make sure your voice is heard. So I want you to tell me everything - every detail about your situation. We'll go over the context of the situation and what you were going through when the offending behaviour took place. I have heard many different situations relayed to me, so even if some of the details are a bit challenging, its important for me to understand them so there are no unseen surprises later on.

Step 3: Building Your Case

Once we know what we're up against, we can start focusing on the information we would need to start building your case. Pertinent information like witnesses and police reports can provide us with more insight into how to develop your case to pursue better outcomes.

Step 4: Outlining What Comes Next

Finally, we'll inform you on how the process works, and answer any questions you have. We will also provide examples for both best case and worse scenarios in a general sense but we can't provide specific outcomes until we see more data pertaining to the matter. We won't rush into how to plead or anything regarding sentencing until we see witness statements and physical evidence.

But we will explain how your case will progress procedurally, and what actions we will consider once more information is available.

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