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Defences For Weapons Charges

Weapons charges can include anything from guns and firearms, to knives and brass knuckles.Any object that can be used to cause harm or intimidate others — and is used in that manner — can result in a weapons charge.

My name is Rick Muenz, and I am a criminal defence lawyer serving the Calgary, Alberta community and surrounding areas. At my firm, Muenz Law Office, my team and I are dedicated to protecting your legal rights and privileges, as well as advocating more specific rights related to firearm and hunting charges.

Advocacy For Firearm Owners

Weapons charges can stem from the improper use, possession, distribution, or purchase and sale of an alleged weapon. Convictions carry mandatory minimum sentences, and the more serious allegations can be tried as indictable offences (sentencing includes jail time).

As a criminal defence lawyer, I understand the rules and regulations for the proper care, storage and use of different weapons. I also have extensive experience on how the law applies to different scenarios where these rules and regulations are allegedly breached. If the details are a bit more challenging to dispute, I will outline the other options we can pursue, such as lighter sentencing.

The Offence Should Suit The Consequence

A common trend that I see in many cases involving weapons is that regular people make mistakes. My goal is to be an advocate for these people and help them avoid outcomes that will penalize them for years to come.

I understand there is embarrassment, fear and anger present for many weapons charges. I represent people from every walk of life, so I've heard and seen almost story. You're not alone in this situation, and there are legal strategies available to help you navigate a tough situation.

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If you have questions about a weapons charges and want to know more about your legal rights, call my office at 403-543-6666 or send me an email using our online form.