Helping You Obtain U.S. Waivers For Travel

Even if a criminal conviction does not result in a prison sentence, the consequences can still create many problems. The ability to travel to our closest neighbour and trading partner, the United States, can be denied due a criminal record.

My name is Rick Muenz, criminal defence lawyer. My firm, Muenz Law Office, works closely with The Pardon Group, an association in Calgary, Alberta that focuses on obtaining record suspensions individuals with criminal convictions.

Together, we help clients navigate barriers to U.S. travel due to a prior criminal conviction.

Obtaining A U.S. Waiver For Travel

To travel to the U.S., obtaining a Pardon (also known as a Record Suspension) is not enough. U.S. laws require you to obtain what is known as a Waiver that specifically allows you entry into their country.

To obtain a waiver, you are required to make a personal statement regarding the your conviction, as well as the changes that you've made in your life since the offence. Using my extensive experience and knowledge as a criminal defence lawyer, I can help you draft and position these "statements of rehabilitation" in a way that increases your chances of obtaining a waiver.

Statements Of Rehabilitation

I understand that this is not the type of document the average person drafts on a daily basis, and can be very difficult and emotional to write. I will help you prepare by assessing key issues such as:

  • Why did this criminal offence occur?
  • What type of impact has it made in your life?

I can provide you with the support necessary to focus on the relevant points, so you can get it in it's best shape the first time to avoid repeated submissions.

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