The Life Of A Criminal Case In The Justice System

Many people don't know what to expect after they have been charged with a criminal offence. My name is Rick Muenz and I am a criminal defence lawyer. I have developed effective criminal defences for clients throughout Calgary, Alberta for over 25 years at my firm, Muenz Law Office.

When you come into my office for a consultation, I want you to leave with the confidence that your matter is in the best possible hands for your situation. Part of my approach to your defence is making sure you are educated about your rights and how the laws and legal procedure apply to your case.

Notice To Appear In Court

After you have been charged, you will receive a notice to appear in court. This is where you will determine how you wish to proceed with your case. This date can be changed if necessary, to allow us time to develop an effective defence strategy for the charges against you.

In addition to appearing in court, you may also have a scheduled bail hearing if you have been arrested.

Gathering The Facts And Discovery

Now, we compile all of the details of your case. If necessary, we'll ask you to collect a list of witnesses, visual evidence or medical records that support your position.

The most important piece of information to review is the police report. Once we have this, we'll understand more about the case the Crown is building against you. Once both parties - the prosecution and the defence - share our evidence and determine there is enough information to bring the case to trial (during a process known as Discovery), we can schedule a court date for your trial.

Developing A Defence Strategy

After we have a clearer picture of the case the Crown has against you, we will discuss the direction of your defence. Then, we'll pursue the options that best suits your needs and predicament, and pursues an outcome you can accept.

At this point, the directions vary, and largely depend on the charge and the specifics of the case. Plea bargaining, heading to trial, and appealing decisions are all choices that vary depending on the case.

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