Property Offences

Property offences include a variety of charges that involve illegally using property that is not yours, even if you return the property to its rightful owner.

Muenz Law Office will help you deal with whatever property charge you are facing, whether it's a relatively minor one like shoplifting or a more serious one like breaking and entering, or armed robbery.

Types Of Property-Related Crimes

Among the charges our lawyer deals with are:

  • Shoplifting: This is a common charge for minors as well as adults and can sometimes be an accident, such as when you overlook having items in your possession. If it is an accident, we can talk to the Crown on your behalf and work to get them to drop the charges, without any need for you to enter a courtroom.
  • Theft: It makes a difference whether your charge is for property valued over or under $5,000. For the higher amount, the police and Crown take the case much more seriously and you may be looking at incarceration. Simple theft, including shoplifting, can be treated through a diversion program such as an anti-theft program, especially if this is your first offence or if you are a minor. Diversion can help you avoid incarceration, a criminal record and other serious penalties.
  • Robbery: This is basically theft with a weapon and may be accompanied by an assault charge. A weapon doesn't have to be a gun or knife, but can be anything used to threaten or frighten another person, such as sporting equipment or household objects (e.g., bats or pieces of furniture). Sometimes our approach will involve getting the weapons charge dropped, so that the robbery can be treated as a theft and give us a bit more flexibility.
  • Fraud and white collar crime: These include crimes such as credit card fraud, embezzlement, employee theft and insurance fraud. Many white collar crimes involve a lot of paperwork and intricate evidence. Many of these crimes also involve issues of trust. Your professional reputation may be affected as much as your criminal record, and we may be working to protect your professional reputation as much as trying to stay out of jail.

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