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Drug Charges

Drug crimes include a wide variety of charges, for many different substances. Some are relatively minor, like simple possession. Some can be extremely serious, like international trafficking or drug manufacturing.

Drug law is also a rapidly changing field. Laws and attitudes are in a state of flux. The approaches of society, police and the courts towards drug crimes are currently changing.

In order to avoid unexpectedly serious consequences for even minor charges, you need a lawyer who can keep up with the changing attitudes and use them to your benefit.

Muenz Law Office will look over your drug charges and help you decide what to do. The choices you make now may affect you for the rest of your life. It's important to make the best choices possible.

Tackling Your Charge

A drug conviction could be serious for many reasons. You may be looking at not just prison and a criminal record, but possibly lifelong restrictions of your ability to travel or get certain jobs. If your house or car was involved in the crime, or was bought with the proceeds of crime, you may also be in danger of losing them.

If you are not a citizen, you risk losing your residency or ability to become a citizen or sponsor family into Canada. If you are a medical professional charged with a prescription drug crime, your career could be at risk.

We will discuss a number of topics when you come in to see us, including:

  • Diversion: If your charge involves simple possession of marijuana or some other relatively minor charge, you may be able to avoid the worst consequences.
  • Eyewitness evidence and statements: Some of the evidence against you may be from witnesses or informants. Some may be from undercover officers, or even your own statements to the police. We will examine all of it and see if any of it can be dismissed for reasons such as unreliability of the witness or lack of proper procedure.
  • Physical evidence: Many drug cases turn on the evidence, including drugs or drug paraphernalia or financial records of drug deals. We will look at how the evidence was obtained and whether the police followed proper procedure when stopping, questioning and arresting you, and when carrying out search warrants. Many of these cases turn on questions of Charter protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

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