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Prescription Drugs

In contrast with charges involving illegal drugs, prescription drug crimes cover drugs that are perfectly legal, under a doctor's control.

Often, our clients charged with prescription drug offences are part of the medical community. They are pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians, nurses or clinic employees with access to prescriptions or prescription pads. Many are also dealing with addiction issues.

Muenz Law Office understands the sensitive nature of these charges, and the work and personal issues that you may dealing with in addition to your legal problems.

Prescription Drug Crimes: Special Circumstances

As part of our strategy for dealing with your charge, our lawyer may discuss with you:

  • Employee theft: Not only do we have to protect your criminal record, we also have to protect your career. If you are in a medical field and are convicted of a prescription drug crime, you may be barred from ever working in your chosen field again.
  • Impaired driving: A surprisingly large number of people charged with impaired driving are under the influence of prescription drugs. A conviction may affect your ability to drive and may also raise your insurance rates.
  • Addiction: Often, the person charged has addiction issues. We may be able to deal with your charge through treatment, which could get you the help you need and help you avoid some of the negative consequences of a conviction, such as imprisonment and a criminal record. We may be able to get you a conditional discharge in which your charges will be withdrawn if you go through counselling.

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