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Defence Strategies For Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession charges apply to the physical discovery of drugs (also known as controlled substances) on your body, the knowledge of possession on other people or places, as well as in places you occupy — such as a home. If large quantities are discovered, you may also be at risk for charges regarding intent to sell.

My name is Rick Muenz. At my firm, Muenz Law Office, my team and I understand that people make mistakes. My goal is to help people around Calgary, Alberta:

  • Avoid severe drug possession penalties
  • Understand their legal rights
  • Help them pursue the best outcome for their charges

Building Your Defence

In order to design an effective defence strategy, we start by looking at the case the Crown has against you. We will examine:

  • What type of substance was discovered?
  • How was the search conducted?
  • Have your privacy rights been infringed upon?
  • Is there sufficient evidence to support trafficking charges?

Convictions may include jail time, as well as barriers to travel, employment, and the ability to care for dependants. If there is damaging evidence present in your case, we also advocate for sentencing options that best suit your situation.

Helping You Navigate The Criminal Justice System

You may feel embarrassed or nervous, and even afraid of what's to come. I have represented people from all walks of life and economic status - and I can safely say that you are not alone in this process.

You have options. There are strategies that suit your specific situation.

My team and I will help you breakdown any stereotypes you may have about the legal system, and provide realistic expectations about the charges and sentencing options you may be facing.

Find The Defence Strategy That Works For You

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