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Drug-related Impaired Driving Charges

Driving under the influence, known as impaired driving in Canada, is a criminal offence that includes the consumption of drugs. If a law enforcement officer suspects that you are intoxicated, they can request you perform a physical drug-sobriety test on site.

My name is Rick Muenz, and I am a criminal defence lawyer. At my firm, Muenz Law Office, we offer personalized criminal defence strategies tailored to your drug-related impaired driving charges for residents of Calgary, as well as surrounding communities throughout Alberta.

Tailored Solutions For Your Situation

Just because you have been charged with impaired driving does not necessarily mean you are guilty of the offence. Part of our legal strategy is to correct, clarify and disprove the facts the Crown has collected against you. For example, if you were using prescribed drugs, we would use the prescribed therapeutic amounts and conditions of usage to support your defence strategy, if applicable. We investigate police behaviour and procedures to discover if you were properly treated and if there was undue pressure or influence. Muenz Law Office is dedicated to making sure that your rights are not infringed upon during an arrest.

One Mistake Should Not Ruin Your Life

We all make mistakes. But I firmly believe we shouldn't be punished for them our entire lives. If you require your licence to work, or need your car to pick-up dependants, an impaired driving conviction can create a severe impact on your daily routine. My firm will help you develop a strategy that pursues the goals you desire. Whether it's access to your car, a clear criminal record, or pleading guilty to a lesser offence, we will create a defence strategy that suits your needs.

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